LotVantage - Integration Documentation

Integration Documentation

Here you will find a full explanation of our integration process and some resources to help you get started. Direct any questions you may have to mnaso@thatsus.com.

Integration Outline:

  1. Accounts, Environments, and Keys
  2. API Documentation
  3. DataFeeds
  4. White label Domains
  5. Framing / Single Sign-On

Accounts, Environments, and Keys

Testing Environment:

You will need an API Key to POST requests to the test system. You will also be provided with a login to a reseller testing account to see the posted results. The testing environment is primarily to test the exchange of data via the API. Some of our systems services are not test-able in this environment.


This page will appear as a white labeled login with your logo visible.

Production Environment:

Once the backend communications work is done via the API. We can enable your Key for production. This is where we can demo the full product functionality to the project owners before any real customer accounts are created.

API Documentation

Our API is a simple XML via HTTP POST and is based on REST principles so it is very easy to write and test applications. The most popular usage of the API is to pass user tokens to achieve a single sign-on effect. This makes it easier to extend your software without requiring additional login prompts.

Quick Start Overview

API Methods

Whitelabel Domains

Typically we will setup a white label domain to host the system in production. This can be a subdomain of your current company's website or a new domain all together. Whichever domain or subdomain you choose it will need to be pointed to dealerresources.net.

Data Feeds

Import mapping list for API and CSV

Most integrations will use the API to import and update inventory via the update_vehicles method. There is also a method for using a CSV Import sent via an FTP account that we can setup for you. Please do not include vehicle data for dealers that have not subscribed to your classifieds program.  We recommend that you schedule your data feed post to our ftp servers no later than midnight EST in order to ensure that it processes. Sample CSV file.

Integration Solution

You may present the application to your dealers in a couple of different ways:

  1. Frame LotVantage in to to your application and by-pass our login with the use of External Session links aka (Single Sign-on).
  2. Full Application White label

iFrame Method:

The best way to extend your product offering while maintaining a single application workflow is to frame in our Lotvantage app. We will customize the look and feel to match your systems style. When used in conjunction with the External Session Links we deliver the consumer view of the software rather than your administrator view of your account. The consumer will only see a one line menu at the top with a few internal settings links.

White label Method:

If all you need is white labeled system that runs on your custom domain, simply have your webmaster create a CNAME record and point it to LotVantage.com. This method is best for partners that do not have the screen real estate or the ability to customize their application layout and just want to deliver the software in a full window.

i.e. http://app.yourdomain.com => http://www.lotvantage.com/signin/yourcompany

Our system will automatically route the traffic to the login page and display your company's logo and URL.

Single Sign-on Method Via API:

For a fully integrated solution have your development team create external session links to navigate seamlessly from your application to ours.

External Session Links